How to Find Buyer Keyword Domains

 This is how I find the best product-related keyword domains.

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  1. Debora Humphries says:

    Thank you for the video Gene as well as the recommendation for the tool. I had to pick it up and your video makes it so much easier to use. 🙂

    • Gene says:

      Thank you Debora, I appreciate you! I’m really thrilled with this simple-to-use tool. I research a lot of keywords every day, and this particular tool makes it SO quick and easy. The key factor that makes the difference here is BUYER keywords.

  2. matina says:

    Hi Gene,

    This is a huge time saving tool that can offer many potential uses.

    Thank you for sharing it,

    • Gene says:

      Hi Matina, yes, there are many uses for this tool. Even though it retrieves the keywords from Amazon, the keywords are just as applicable with any other website.

  3. Donna Pullan says:

    Hi Gene, I’m new to the domaining world but I found this video very interesting. I definitely see how this tool would be helpful and a big time saver.

    I sent you an email yesterday via this website asking for specific info about your program and I’m hoping you can get back to me soon as I am eager to get started.

    Thank you.


  4. Alex says:


    I know that this is few month old video but it is great video. I knew about this script from WF because I got the copy too but never thought about using for domain names. This is very interesting way you have shown in this video.

    My question, how and where would you sell these domains i.e. how do you find buyers for these kinds of domains. Would you use SEDO or End User marketing.

    Once again thanks for great video.

    • Gene says:

      Hi Alex,

      How and where you’d sell domains is a HUGE topic in itself. There are hundreds of ways to sell depending on the merits of the individual domain name. It’s almost always a good idea to list on Sedo regardless of where and how you sell. The more exposure the better, and you can lead your prospective buyers to the Sedo listing itself. If it’s a desirable domain name, you can get several people bidding up the price. Meanwhile, seek out potential buyers by conducting many Google searches etc.

  5. Paras Thakuria says:

    Hi Gene

    Thanks for recommending this great tool, and also Hope you’ll let us know whenever you discover more such awesome tools.

    But, as far as searching for domain names on GoDaddy is concerned, you don’t have to go through all that trouble to delete the spaces in between the words, add “.com” after them, etc. You can simply copy your main list of keywords, insert them as they are into GoDaddy bulk search, click on the “.com” tab and hit “go”. GoDaddy will do everything else for you and hand you the final results on a platter.

    Hope that helps.

    • Gene says:

      Thanks Paras,

      This is true for GoDaddy, but not for many other domain registrars, therefore the instructions are there for those who need it.


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