My Most Recommended Domain Registrar

UniregistryI’m often asked which domain registrar I most use and recommend. The answer, without any shadow of doubt, is Uniregistry.

Uniregistry was built with domain name registrants and portfolio owners in mind.

They have built a state of the art registry services system to combine power and ease of use. Everything you do within Uniregistry’s system has been carefully constructed to maximize your ability to acquire, manage, monetize, transfer, and sell your domain names. You have one-step compatibility with the tools you use most and you gain access to domain name marketplaces like


Uniregistry is the registration services company founded by Frank Schilling

Frank built Uniregistry to bring unique, meaningful online naming solutions to end-users. Launched to the public in 2014, Uniregistry reflects the founder’s vision for an intuitive and reliable user domain name experience on top of world-class infrastructure.


World-Class Technical Infrastructure backed by the people that keep the Internet up and running

Uniregistry’s infrastructure is designed and maintained by Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), the world’s preeminent expert in implementation and operation of the Domain Name System. ISC is one of the few organizations entrusted to provide essential Internet infrastructure, including the Internet’s highly-trafficked F-Root server, which is responsible for approximately 25% of the Internet’s root traffic.


365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day is just the beginning…

All aspects of Uniregistry’s hardware and software implementation are designed to be robust, replicated, and recoverable. Uniregistry has applied ISC’s experience implementing Anycast technology, DNSSEC and the ISCSecurity and Information Exchange (SIE) to design an all new Registry Service.

Every component of Uniregistry has been built to ensure the continuous health and prosperity of the spaces we intend to administer. The infrastructure they have put in place will provide the utmost in security, reliability, and ease of use to customers and stakeholders.

Do yourself a favor and experience the beautiful interface of Uniregistry right now. I think you’ll be as happy as I am with the ease of use and extremely well organized interface.

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  1. TW says:

    My main concern is always, which registrar to use for *searching* domains.
    I’m assuming that this registrar does *not* do things like *snatching the name I’m searching for*, if I don’t BUY it right away too (same session)!
    Or having *poor security* that allows others the ability to hack into the registrar’s site,
    and SEE the names (from the other side of the “glass”) I am researching, etc.
    thus giving them the ability to snatch them too (before I buy them, *later*).

    Basically, I just need a 100% SAFE place to research names that I MIGHT buy — in the future!

    (call me paranoid!)

    So, I am assuming, since you are endorsing this registrar, they are (also) 100% SAFE on all accounts above (too) — yes??

    • Gene says:

      I am not a part of the company, so I cannot assure you of what they do or do not do. What I can tell you is that I trust them with my most valuable domains, and I have not experienced what you described in your concern. Frank Schilling wouldn’t mess around like that.

    • George In Miami says:

      Hello Paranoid..!
      An other paranoid, here…

      Regardless the registrar you’re using, you can check
      your domain availability without fear at:


  2. Roger Young says:

    Hi Gene

    Do you transfer domains bought through other registrars?


  3. Karl B. Hensel says:

    I am fairly new to the business. I have learned a few things and one is that are a few names in this business that themselves are almost brands. One is Mr. Schilling.

  4. Arne says:


    Like the two people above, I have also had names snatched away because I did not register them the same day, so I think this is a regular issue with many, if not most registrars. At least 2 of the domains were offered by a company in the same city (maybe same owners or a good friend) for $1,000 each not long after my search, so I guess it is a very profitable business for them.

    Every time I search for a geo-based domain (ex: “” or “”), a domain name like “” or similar pops up as registered, although some or all the other other regular (NYpizzacom-net-org) domain names may still be available!

    If “” for instance is taken, the WHOIS on their site would tell me who owns it.
    However, if I click on the WHOIS for the supposedly “registered” domain “myNYpizzanet,org” on their site, it shows just one line, “domain unkown” – so obviously it is not registered.

    This happens all the time – so this must be set up as a red flag alert for the registrar to check into and register asap any good, related geo-domains. Very hard to prove, but certainly rather suspicious activities. Obviously, I stopped searching for and registering additional domains there.

    When my domains are up for renewal, 6 of 10 may be confirmed as “renewal successful” within 10 minutes after paying for the renewal, while the balance (4 of the better ones) may not be renewed for a week, and most of the time they do not reply either, so I do not know what is going on – until I more or less threaten them into action each time,.

    I assume that if I wasn’t on top of my renewals, they would just lapse so they could take them over – not the registrar directly, of course, but another “friendly “company looking for good domains to buy for cheap and resell for huge profits. Very annoying to say the least.

    I have 60+ domains, and I am not happy with my current registrar for above mentioned reasons. Any suggestion as to how these can be transferred at little or no cost?

    • Gene says:

      The scenario you describe often happens due to the fact that a registrar sometimes removes a domain from public view, so the person who searched for it has the first opportunity to register it. It can take hours to be viewable again.

      Unfortunately, there is no way to transfer domains from one registrar to another without paying for an additional year of renewal on each.

  5. TW says:

    I’ve used your recommended site now to do some searching — it seems safe so far.
    One thing I don’t like re: navigation…
    When I go to my Shopping Cart, and I go to say, page 3, and I hit the x to delete a name from my cart, suddenly (for no reason), I am put back on page 1 of my cart.
    So… there’s no way to just browse around my shopping cart and delete a name here and there. I’m forced to go to a certain page, then delete ONLY ONE name, then jump back (automatically) to page 1, then pick another page, then delete another ONE (only) name, then go to page 1, then pick another page, etc. etc. — very annoying! — and there’s no reason for it to behave that way.

    — TW

    PS: Just to give you an idea of how paranoid I am, when I search for a name, and it is available, before I close the page, I search for a totally nonsense name like, then I see the “it’s available!” page, THE I leave the site — that way the final page I have brought up in the site is a nonsense name, NOT the name I was really searching for. That way I am not “leaving the site” with the final page being the name I was really searching for. — Now THAT’S paranoid!!

  6. genie says:

    All my (many) domains are with godaddy which is what you recommended. Are you saying we should move to this new registrar?

    • Gene says:

      I have recommended GoDaddy in only a few instances, where it made sense for ease of use for the purpose of domain flipping (and taking advantage of the deep discount codes). I have never recommended GoDaddy as a registrar for domains that are important to you. They are much to fickle and unpredictable. Yes, I do recommend using Uniregistry for all your important domains. However, depending on budget, most people will simply transfer as each domain becomes due for renewal.

  7. pb says:

    Thank you! I just checked and will be transferring there when it’s time to renew.

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