Gene Pimentel has been involved in Internet Marketing since 1996. Gene’s background is in offline marketing, advertising and sales. In the late 1980’s, Gene created a small direct mail publishing company, and business expanded quickly as he began offering marketing related products and services via direct mail, with thousands of independent distributors eagerly promoting them.

Gene’s business gradually morphed into the online world, and eventually his business became entirely web-based. Today Gene’s business is multi-faceted, but he specializes in the Domain Name aftermarket and enjoys teaching other aspiring entrepreneurs to to duplicate his success in the domaining arena.

Gene has been a guest speaker at several marketing events, and is a  former member of the Advisory Team at one of the web’s premier domaining forums,

There is a steep learning curve to become proficient in domaining, and it’s easy to lose money. By applying solid business principles and using very specific techniques, domaining is a very profitable business for those who take the time to learn.